This is Why We’re Different

Working with progressive, small to medium-sized businesses in Vancouver, our IT consultants craft solutions with innovative technology, best-in-class processes and better human service than you’ve ever experienced from an IT solutions company before. We guarantee that you’ll like us—and if you don’t, we’ll refer you to a friendly competitor.

We’re passionate about technology, but not at your expense.

Our knowledge runs deep and wide. Ask us about the latest and greatest in IT and we may be talking for some time. While cutting-edge technology keeps our job sexy and fresh, it’s of no use if it doesn’t fit your needs and benefit your business. If the technology hasn’t been tried, tested and found to be true, we won’t recommend it. You can trust that you’ll never be oversold.

Our philosophy

It’s simple: We’re in the customer service industry and people are our advantage. We service IT needs with a personal touch, which means you should feel like you’re doing business with people at all times. Professional, responsive, reliable and friendly people. In a digital era, we provide better human service through our down-to-earth approach and willingness explain technical issues to easy-to-understand language.

Our values

Transparency, accountability and proactiveness are a few of our values. We plan ahead and create productive, worry-free environments; and keep your systems flourishing so you can focus on business growth. We remain transparent in all transactions so you’ll always know what’s going on, and we can earn your trust. You’ll never feel beaten by technology issues in the office again because we’ve got your back.

Meet Our Senior Consultants

We may act normal, but at our core we’re more or less technology nerds. Enthusiasts, engineers and detectives who excel at translating tech-talk and complex issues into everyday language. We’re also incredibly business-savvy: We love getting into the particulars of your business in order to advise you on what technology makes the most sense, without having to spend any more money than you should.

Troy Gauthier

President + Principal Consultant

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for smart, down-to-earth and friendly professionals who are focussed on providing an exceptional customer experience. Excellent communication skills and a talent for explaining technical issues in simple language are essential. Our culture is built around our customer-centric approach, teamwork and a heavy dose of not taking ourselves too seriously.


We’re making IT more human.

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