How’s That IT Project Coming Along?

We all know that feeling of a project waiting in the wings, on hold until somebody has the time to take it on. Or until something breaks. Then that project needs to be done now.

Neglecting IT projects is similar to postponing repairs on your car: It’ll keep running until that day when you’re in a hurry and the car won’t start. Now it’ll cost you more to tow and fix the car.

As your outsourced IT support partner, we bring deep experience, objective insights and a passion for technology to the table. We can add capacity to your in-house IT department, or act as a consultant. Either way, we’re more than happy to take that computer-oriented project off your hands so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

We can also plan out your IT strategy and budget, helping you streamline costs, reduce downtime and ensure the best use of technology geared towards growth.

Co-Managed IT Services


Benefit from objective, seasoned technical consultants.

We’ll work with you to assess needs, create the perfect custom solution and deliver it in the most cost-efficient manner—with minimal downtime for your business.


Optimize your IT strategy for the long run.

Over 20 years of experience in IT consulting will benefit your business, starting with an impartial network evaluation. We’ll recommend solutions to reduce downtime, minimize costs, capitalize on any innovations, plus ensure everything is running in alignment with industry best practices.


Configure a powerful solution to meet your exact business needs.

Cloud services offer a suite of internet-based software and applications that will reduce your operating costs, offer predictable monthly expenditures and drastically improve employee productivity. We’ll show you how.


Identify network security gaps and protect against malicious attacks.

In the rapidly-changing cybersecurity landscape, regular audits are crucial to find flaws, minimize breach impact and protect against malicious attacks. Our team will expose the network gaps, recommend the right protective tools for your business and help you implement best practices so you can sleep more easily at night.


Gain valuable insight into your network performance and resiliency.

An objective network audit provided by our team includes a full review of your data environment and infrastructure. We’ll provide a detailed evaluation and recommend how it should be improved to best match your needs and to enable focussed planning for your business’s future.


Correctly design and install communication infrastructure.

Let us plan, recommend and install an integrated network system to ensure your communications backbone doesn’t break as your business evolves.


Remove the time-consuming task of tracking expirations and warranties.

Utilizing the leading IT documentation software, IT Glue, we’ll follow documentation best practices, while eliminating the potential downtime of a license expiration along with the headache of keeping on top of all those different vendors supporting your business technology.

Let’s get those pesky projects rolling.

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