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On-premise phone services are being replaced by voice over IP (VoIP) services, aka “internet telephony” (we’ll stick with “VoIP”). By virtually hosting the service in either a private or public cloud,  it opens up a whole new world of low-cost communication options. There’s lots of flash for less cash, because there’s no need to invest in telephone equipment or pay for system management—and inconvenient fixes.

While VoIP technology is impressive, choosing a voice solution from the many vendors and configurations can be overwhelming and time consuming.

We know a lot about voice solutions. Our Vancouver VoIP consulting team will help determine if your business will even benefit from VoIP in the first place. Then we’ll recommend whether your VoIP service should be hosted or not, which provider offers the right phone system AND determine how to fit it into your existing IT infrastructure.

Voice Solutions


Conserve IT dollars with an easy-to-implement, flexible and modern method of communications.

With hosted services, there is no need to make a capital purchase. Equipment is hosted elsewhere, bringing down your voice services price point.


Receive practical advice on the most sensible communication service for your business.

Making the switch from traditional landline telephone services to VoIP can realize big savings in terms of maintenance and equipment, but it’s not a simple decision. How should it be managed or hosted? Which vendor provides the best fit for your business needs? We can help you make these calls.

See if your business will benefit from VoIP.

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